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In today's wildly evolving media landscape, audiences are gaining more and more control over the information they view and share. Now, more than ever, travel businesses need to know how to tell compelling stories to reach these audiences.

direct bookings through social activism
Our business is to be the link between conscious travellers, local business or hotel owners and not-for profit organizations who tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s lives or environmental issues. This might sound like charity work, but we are a business with a team of passionate, hard working professionals who share a commitment to unleashing the potential of the next generation of travellers. Travellers who want to be able to contribute to global sustainable development. We develop and work on revenue generating products like any other business. The manner of how we work and what we do with our profits is different: we're working to make a bigger difference, reinvesting the profits back into our company to do more good. Our business conduct and financial transactions are 100% accountable and transparent. We pay reasonable salaries based on workers experience and knowledge, our ethical standards and co-workers equality is the foundation for daily operations. We believe that our mission is to create a world that's more equitable and to protect the planet through sustainability. For us sustainability means that holidays are good for local communities, the environment, travellers and tourism businesses. - The FairTourist Team -

As a business, you're already invested in your community. Perhaps you're even more engaged through cultural programs, environmental protection, or a sustainability project. There are stories out there of the impact you're having. There are tourists visiting the projects you're helping to develop. But are those tourists telling your story?

We think they are. We think they're all over social media talking about the experiences they have, the work you're doing and how they feel about it. How are you leveraging those stories to increase your bookings? There's no way to tell people your story on Travelocity, and Expedia isn't interested in the impact you're having on the environment. They just want you to lower your prices, cutting into your margin more and more.

At Fair Tourist we want to help you increase direct bookings, tell your great stories and impact the world in a meaningful way.

We asked, "What is Fair Tourism?"

  • Supporting cultural and environmental preservation

  • Selecting A Hotel Because It Donates To A Good Cause

  • Buy locally produced products and souvenirs

  • Making Only Direct Bookings For A Hotel

  • Compensating For Your Trip's CO2


sustainable eco-tourism

Engaging your tribe

Leverage our turn-key solution to share your stories with the people who want to hear them, customers. Our system is set up on your website so the bookings go directly through you.

a tourist fable
Martha's story

Martha is a tourist from London who thinks that companies should support the environment and is even willing to pay more for socially responsible services. Learn how Fair Tourist helps Martha travel sustainably.

How It Works

Harness the social cause

tourists love to share their experiences.

Tourists love to share the story of their experience. That means loads of social updates, photos, videos, etc. If word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising, then harnessing social media is a critical and invaluable asset for the tourism industry. Fair Tourist can help you grow your social profile and spark/boost up the fire in social media.

projects partnering with travel businesses

In order to achieve their social mission, NGOs and local initiatives are increasingly thinking more openly about partnering with businesses to create shared value. Fairtourist has learned that many travel businesses will invest their social dollars for something good that is protecting their surrounding environment or local communities. Helping those organizations achieve their mission. This mutual interest, fuelled by Fairtourist’s assets, skills, and awareness potential, can help scale NGO impact in sustainable ways.

Aren't sure what it takes? Browse our “how it works” page to see how others have successfully partnered together to accomplish their shared goals.

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Travel businesses as change makers

no longer just visiting, now empowering change too.

We will create the raw materials for your sustainable story, they will share it with their best friends who will be our next new customers.

How It Works