a tourist fable
Martha's story

Our business is to be the link between conscious travellers, local business or hotel owners and not-for profit organizations who tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s lives or environmental issues. This might sound like charity work, but we are a business with a team of passionate, hard working professionals who share a commitment to unleashing the potential of the next generation of travellers. Travellers who want to be able to contribute to global sustainable development. We develop and work on revenue generating products like any other business. The manner of how we work and what we do with our profits is different: we're working to make a bigger difference, reinvesting the profits back into our company to do more good. Our business conduct and financial transactions are 100% accountable and transparent. We pay reasonable salaries based on workers experience and knowledge, our ethical standards and co-workers equality is the foundation for daily operations. We believe that our mission is to create a world that's more equitable and to protect the planet through sustainability. For us sustainability means that holidays are good for local communities, the environment, travellers and tourism businesses. - The FairTourist Team -

Meet Martha

Martha is a tourist from London who thinks that companies should support the environment and is even willing to pay more for socially responsible services.

She's planning to have a long weekend in Paris, France but cannot find any hotel that shares her values around sustainable travel and supporting the local community. None of the hotel booking portals shed any light on a hotel's green initiatives or social projects.

Local business

She really would like to buy her accommodation directly from a hotel owner's site if she could trust that the hotel was actually doing something. She knows that fair trade helps local farmers in coffee production, why not in buying services too?

How It Works

helping socially conscious travel businesses connect with tourists.

social media word-of-mouth

Martha sends out a post on Facebook and a tweet on Twitter complaining about how hard it is to find a hotel that's operating sustainably.

Her friend Elsie sends a tweet back telling her about this great hotel in Paris that gives away leftovers to homeless people.

Martha checks out the site and sees that the hotel's social project is vetted by Fair Tourist. Ready for her trip, she books her hotel and even contributes a few extra dollars to the hotel's project.

Martha's so excited about being able to contribute to a social project, she sends out a tweet to her 200 followers and 500 friends letting them know about the awesome project she's contributing to.