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A social investment application
Our business is to be the link between conscious travellers, local business or hotel owners and not-for profit organizations who tackle social problems, improve communities, people’s lives or environmental issues. This might sound like charity work, but we are a business with a team of passionate, hard working professionals who share a commitment to unleashing the potential of the next generation of travellers. Travellers who want to be able to contribute to global sustainable development. We develop and work on revenue generating products like any other business. The manner of how we work and what we do with our profits is different: we're working to make a bigger difference, reinvesting the profits back into our company to do more good. Our business conduct and financial transactions are 100% accountable and transparent. We pay reasonable salaries based on workers experience and knowledge, our ethical standards and co-workers equality is the foundation for daily operations. We believe that our mission is to create a world that's more equitable and to protect the planet through sustainability. For us sustainability means that holidays are good for local communities, the environment, travellers and tourism businesses. - The FairTourist Team -

Use GoodCause to start telling the story of your sustainability project with your tribe! Our social investment application helps brands and online businesses communicate their corporate social responsibility initiatives. Sharing these stories energizes customers who will become invested in those projects while making their bookings. When travellers can be a part of the giving process, they'll engage directly with a business' online booking system.

Social Good

A contribution model for your social initiatives and sustainability projects.

direct bookings

A values based reason to visit your booking engine and book directly with you. Give 1 get 20.

Reporting & Analysis

A monthly report for fund transfers and customer behavior analysis.

Stories For your tribe

Start telling a compelling brand story that includes your social initiatives and sustainability projects.


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A social e-commerce platform

Let your happy and excited customers sell for you. With Good Review, your fans share the stories of your social investment with your GoodCause partners to their friends, followers and circle of influence. Our process helps your customers to communicate the good things you are doing with their friends and colleagues. You will get feedback on your services and they will get a reminder of all the good you have done together.

Consumers who check reviews before purchasing.
Consumers more likely to purchase on a site which has reviews.
Consumers are happier after contributing a review.
ratings & reviews

Let your customers sell for you by gathering their opinions, photos and videos. Learn from their feedback to improve your products and services.


Informed shoppers buy more. Capture and respond to their questions to help them make their purchasing decisions.

Facebook Integration & Sharing

Syndicate all of your consumer-written content between your site and your Facebook page to keep both fresh and attract new customers.

Reporting, Analysis and ROI

Our platform provides tools for you to identify, measure and understand your customers' behaviour and its impact on your business.


Fairtourist movement is all about empowering and inspiring people to deeper levels of action and citizenship.

Many researchers have examined the relationship between social performance and profit and made the case for a positive relationship between the two. The underlying argument is: companies that foster stakeholder trust through social performance have the potential for price premiums, lower transaction costs and greater marketing opportunities. And these factors all increase profitability.

The core concept behind that is: What’s going to motivate your consumers to share about you? Generally, we find that if there’s something in it for them, and something in it for their friends, they’re much more likely to share it. People trust a message (even a marketing message) much more if it comes from one of their friends, instead of a company. So when a user sees a coupon offer from their Facebook friend, they’re more likely to engage with it, compared with if the coupon offer came from the brand’s Facebook page.

According to a study conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Gibbs & Soell, a global business communications agency, when employees engage in sustainability activities at work, 73 percent are more likely to become sustainable consumers at home, and 80 percent are more likely to encourage others to behave more sustainably.

"The Bellagio in Las Vegas invited visitors to the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art and gave free admission with donations of canned goods. Persons of high net value tend to monitor the charitable contributions of companies they select and promoting charities on Facebook helps to tell your brand story.” Saturday October 6, 2012 the museum is free with a donation of three canned food items to support the Three Square Food Bank.